Fin Fighters are building a revolutionary cooperative program; that not only investigates shark fishing and consumption, but also provides important data on the distribution and health of shark/ray populations in the UK and around the world.

We have recognised that currently generating policy and protections for sharks and rays in regional areas such as the North East Atlantic and West Africa is extremely difficult when balancing conservation needs with fisheries and quota management. Acknowledging this as well as the needs of the scientific community has lead us to the creation of the Eastern Atlantic investigation and the CSS program as a means of tacking these issues and starting collaborative efforts across these boundaries.

By working together with volunteers, fishermen, scientific body's and other NGO's -  we feel we are able to combine and utilise the strengths of different individuals to build a powerful, pro-active network with a wider reach that achieves quicker results for species and regions that need protection.


We are also working on uncovering and building cases against illegal shark fishing, and fishing of species that are protected.


Phil "Help us continue in our work by donating today - every penny goes directly toward making a difference and allowing us to build our organisation for the protection of sharks and rays".