How our Fin Free by 2023 campaign works;

Our Fin Fighter city condemnations are NGO co-operative and aim to ensure that the cites at the focus of the campaign are Fin Free through local engagement; lead by volunteers and community members with our support and encouragement. We aim to build these local campaigns into networks - gathering political and public support for a massive country wide campaign asking the government to totally ban the sale and distribution of shark fin in this country in 2023.  

With this strategy, the Fin Fighter network works together to build public and political support for a much bigger country wide campaign. (Which we are also considering widening to the EU)


By working on city condemnations led by education and petitioning as well as many other things - not only does this raise awareness and reduce demand on a local level using local initiatives - it also ensures we have the support of constituents and backing of the councils and MP representatives of that city through the signing of a pledge of support.


We are working in this way to ensure that the UK government and the EU recognise the growing public demand for an end to the SALE AND DISTRIBUTION of shark fin throughout the UK.

This is a challenging task - but by building a larger campaign from a network of smaller localised ones; we are working on creating the positive sea-change that we know will really make a difference to this aspect of shark conservation.