We are working on a very ambitious plan to make the UK entirely Shark fin free by the year 2023.

This campaign follows on from our success of officially condemning the sale and distribution of shark fin in Cambridge in 2013; where due to the efforts of our first Fin Fighting community group (Fin Free Cambridge) in 2013 we achieved the miraculous! Cambridge became the UK's first city to officially condemn shark fin. Through lobbying the city council and petitioning the community we were able to secure the first ever backing of a council in the UK to protect sharks....which was HUGE.

We are now working to replicate this in cities across the UK.


      UK FIN FREE BY 2023 #FF2023


Whilst we totally recognise the importance of Fin Free campaigns and fully support encouraging business to stop selling fins (in a respectful way!) Fin Fighters are trying to look at the bigger picture of how we can make the most impact on this issue in the UK as a whole through the cumulative effect of multiple city-wide condemnations.

Get involved today by joining the Fin Fighter community and contributing your time and creativity to make a difference Read More...

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