In 2015 we began the Fin Fighters Bristol campaign, working with residents and volunteers to build a local initiative to condemn the sale and distribution of shark fin in Bristol.

We wanted our campaign to be all inclusive and our work in the city so far has included engaging positively with the businesses selling shark fin, raising awareness through fun and creative events and giving Bristol a voice by collecting signatures for a petition to the council. From live music fundraisers, stand up comedy nights, giant shark puppets and 'sharks' in Bristol harbour we have so far managed to gather great support, assemble a team of amazing volunteers and collect over 3000 signatures and counting! and with so much more planned for 2016 we hope to make this change for a positive future a reality. 

Like our previous campaign in Cambridge a motion will be put forward by a councillor along with all of our collected signatures which will create a by-law effectively stopping the sale and distribution of shark fin within the city limits.

Our petition has now been handed into the Bristol council for verifying, we hand collected over 5600 signatures! Lou Ruddell will be presenting the petition to the council in Novembers meeting, we will announce the results soon!

Contact us on –  to get involved.